Our community is our responsibility

In Dosa Company we do believe that our sustainable success is linked to what we provide to our community, so we always take initiatives and exert efforts which develop the community around us and support the concept of social responsibility as well as uniting our vision with that community.

The following projects are simple example of what we undertake toward the society:


  1. ight schools with eight classrooms and three offices in each one of them have been removed to be built again and the debris transferred outside the city.
  2. Building swine to Wadi Halfa hospital.
  3. Rehabilitation of anchorage of the lake.
  4. Rehabilitation of the park
  5. Contributing to rehabilitate the police buildings in wadi halfa .
  6. Establishing traffic police sector in wadi halfa .
  7. Rehabilitation of 15 mosque and Zawia.
  8. Planting trees
  9. Organizing trips and camps to the students in geology department in a several universities.
    1. Providing the water for the citizen
      1. Providing the electricity to the market of the town with a power convertor (1000 kw).
      2. Rehabilitation of the market of the town.

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