Dosa ,,,,,on the steps of leadership:

Dosa mining project has been established as one of Dosa group of multi-activities companies, which contain five sectors:

Roads and bridges – transport – agriculture – contracting and mining.

Dosa group played an important role since its establishment in the year 1986, In the field of trading in Sudan.

Because of implementing the regulations of quality Dosa group became well known in the field of work locally and worldwide.

In the field of mining Dosa group was one of the first companies has been given the right of mining in the year 2011 and extracting the gold from the waste of the traditional mining.

Dosa ,,,,, a Golden Dreams:

The project started using the physical separation to extract the gold , because we wanted to increase the production we followed (heap leaching method) starting from the same idea based upon our strategy , we started to implement the third step which include importing , installing and operating (CIL) unit and link it to the current working project with a power of treatment of 500 ton per day for the purpose of increasing the extraction proportion to 88%-92%.

To increase the activity, the company has been given a license of mining in squire (NS-20) in the northern state, and small scale in the same state and considerable amount of row materials aiming to increases throughout a competition from the other companies.

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