Dousa City
Dousa City

The Dosa Group prepared Tourist resort closed to blue Nile consider as one of the biggest resort in Khartoum state It is a remarkable location frequented almost VIPs  by visitors  live aboard , tiger since there are no resorts options on Khartoum, The country now consider is both an exciting adventure destination as well as a haven for rest and relaxation

Yes in Dosa tourist resort there are also beautiful, serene beaches, and relaxing spas for those who prefer idle pampering additional to our teams are providing significant services which make all these ware endorses that Tourism is one of the big targets  for Sudan in the future. Our plan is we are going to rehabilitate of farms and gardens on the beach of Blue Nile near Soba area for Entertainment and special & general occasions in additional to availability of hotel Apartments in very attractive places.



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